The Official Web Site and Directory of the
Rochester Lodging Association

Rochester, Minnesota is a city built on hospitality which now features nearly 5,000 citywide hotel and motel rooms!

This Web Site features a directory of lodging facilities and the amenities each provides, a regional map of Rochester, a downtown Rochester map, an interactive map showing the locations of lodging facilities in relation to the Mayo Clinic, Saint Mary's Hospital and Rochester Methodist Hospital, and a page containing links to other web sites of interest to people visiting Rochester, MN.

The members of the Rochester Lodging Association are looking forward to your stay in our city. We are proud of our unique service community, and we will do our best to make your visit pleasant!

If you are flying into Rochester International Airport, daily flights are provided by American and Delta Airlines.

For information about a particular lodging facility, please contact the facility.

For communications about this web site, please contact

Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

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